Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TUESDAY 2: Two Out of Town Events

1. Drove to Burlington at the crack of dawn to speak to 5th - 8th graders at Blessed Sacrament School. It was my first visit to a Catholic School. They kids were great! Staff also. And Marybeth, the parent volunteer who made the arrangements was wonderful! I hope to visit more Catholic Schools. It seems a natural connection because of Healing Water and also the fact that Father Damien (who inspired the book) will be canonized this year!

2. Stopped in Greensboro
at Guilford College Friends Historical Collection to research my work-in-progress. Lots of great photos, old newsletters, and diaries. I always feel a bit panicky in archives when I see how much material there is and how fast the clock is ticking! Thank goodness, for my digital camera which saves a lot of note taking!
Decades worth of diaries here but none for the time period I needed. How could that be?

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