Monday, May 11, 2009

BOOK GIVEAWAY: And the winners are...

Lesson learned. If I want to give away a book, the best method for doing so, is not by asking folks to give to a charity. (At least not during hard times.) Back on April 25, I suggested my readers make a contribution to the March of Dimes and let me know so I could enter them into a contest for a copy of Comfort.

I got no takers.

To be fair, Augusta Scattergood, commented that she always supports the March of Dimes but she'd be reading my book anyway so I should give it to someone else.

And over at LiveJournal? No entries there, either. However, even before I'd posted the contest, Kelly R. Fineman had told me that she too, always gives to the March of Dimes. (She also decided to make a 2nd contribution since MOD is having trouble raising funds this year.)

And so I'm giving my books to these March of Dimes loyalists!

Augusta, I'll send a copy to you or to the school or library of your choice. Just let me know. (My email addy is in the sidebar.)

And Kelly, Comfort is coming your way just as soon as you contact me.

Thanks to both of you for supporting a worthy cause. Especially one with such a great history.


  1. Well, if I had followed your blog better I would have entered by saying "I supported my step-daughter in a MOD walk, does that count?" Teach me to read your blog better!
    I thought of another way I can recommend BLUE. Am speaking at NWRESA in June on teaching fiction through SS and Science. BLUE will be a great book that illustrates both these points. The play reminded me of the science aspects. love and hugs to you!

  2. Well if I had looked at the calender I would have signed up for this one, but I put it off until it was too late. No worries, I'm buying one or two or more. ;-)