Wednesday, May 6, 2009


For more than a year, I've researched my work-in-progress. And occasionally, I would actually write in it! Especially when a grant application required it. (The possibility of money can motivate even me to outline!)

So I researched. I outlined (excruciating process!) I wrote 9 chapters as well as various letters and diary entries. I was moving along quite well. But there were nagging problems related to the age of my character and historical authenticity.

When friends asked me what I was writing, I usually told them about the historical events behind my story. But I had trouble articulating who my character was and how I was going to get this story out to a YA audience.

At one point I blogged about how I found my character's voice. And I wasn't entirely mistaken about that. But, truth be told, I still had issues. I just didn't realize it yet.

Months passed in which I researched, stayed busy with author events, learned to tweet, picked at hangnails, and contemplated my point-of-view character.

And now, finally, I'm catching on! There will be several POVs. This is not a writing device that I love to read because I think it's hard to do well. But I am up for the challenge!

I love both of my POVs. I have lots to learn about the newer one. But meeting people is fun. Especially when I'm at home alone!

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  1. Sounds intriguing! Especially the part about meeting people when you're home alone. ;-)