Sunday, June 14, 2009


This is one small section of the Library at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Hickory, NC.
There is also this.

And this reference section.

And much more. I simply didn't snap pictures of it all. This church not only has an extensive and restful library space; they also have a library blog.

Down the hall is a separate library just for the children.

Before you go in the door you know this is going to be a fun place!

Indeed it is!
These libraries are the vision and ministry of Shirley and Ralph Cunningham. Mrs. Cunningham just happens to be the 8th grade language arts teacher who told me I'd be a writer someday.

When Shirley Cunningham speaks, I listen!

She invited me to attend be on hand for their Sunday School program's first summer Book of the Month club gathering today. So I went!

Here we are hanging out by one of the lovely displays created by Jean Setzer in advance of my visit.
Jean went all out with the displays, including passages from my books and objects to illustrate them.

I've been to Holy Trinity before -always on Christmas Eve for their awe inspiring midnight candle-lighting services.

Today was the first time I have been there on a Sunday morning. And what a treat! It felt as if everyone I met was an old friend. I spoke to adults and children during the Sunday School hour about my books - especially Blue. It felt so relevant because a number of the older participants had direct contact with the "Miracle of Hickory" polio hospital.

And also because of the woman who first told me I'd be a writer. I am only one of the many lives that she and hubby, Ralph continue to touch and change!


  1. What a neat post. A lot of preparation went into your expected visit. Mrs. Jean did a great job. From the looks of the libraries Mrs C. is as creative as ever. Is there anything that lady can't do????

  2. I think Mrs. C. can do just about anything she sets her mind to.