Monday, June 15, 2009


I met NC author, Carlene Morton during the Alamance Reads programs back in February. We corresponded. I visited her website. We discussed her books. I asked her to bring me a copy of Alpha Betti to the Alamance Reads finale. Then, when the time came, I forgot to ask her for it. Ooops!

I decided to buy one online. So I did. Finally.

I read it to the grands. Alpha Betti is a story about a messy room, a library, and a super-hero .

And, oh yeah, ABCDEFG...

This weekend when the grands wanted stories, I tried it out on them. And when the story ended, what did the four year-old say?

"Will you read it again?"

And when I asked for a second opinion, what did the seven year-old say?

"Yes, read it again!"

So I did.

Alpha Betti is published by Upstart Books and Highsmith which provide school and library products. But Alpha Betti is terrific for reading at home too!

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