Friday, June 26, 2009


I decided to put writing on hold for a few days. At least until the end of June. I just wasn't feeling my story. I needed to let it go for awhile. Get to work on something I could accomplish.

So I drove our truck to the mulch yard. Asked for 2 scoops. Came home. Made a sandwich to fortify myself. Checked email while I ate.

Heard from a librarian who'd helped me back in January with my work-in-progress. Now she was sending me brand new links to an oral history project. I listened to the first link - it was an interview with an 85 year old woman who lived and played on the grounds of the mental hospital where much of my story takes place.

Not only that, I soon recognized her as someone I'd read about in an unpublished memoir written by someone who worked at the hospital.

Wow! It almost knocked the mulching right out of me! But I decided to stick with my plan. I mulched. I asked my character questions while I worked.

And later I began to explore the oral history links. I still haven't had the time to really give them my undivided. But I will.

What I've gained so far?
  • descriptions of the general area
  • names of local businesses,
  • names of local prominent people
  • general information about the era
  • street names and intersections
  • a sense of time and place
  • specific information about the mental hospital
  • new ideas and characters for my story

    Perhaps most important of all, I now have the name of this interviewee who I can contact for answers to particular questions.

    No. I take that back. Most important of all, I am feeling my story again. But I'm not going to cheat and start writing before July. I'm simply soaking it up. And contacting new experts. And researching.

    I don't think I've mentioned this lately. But just so you know, I love librarians!
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    1. Loved this post. What can I say? You are a great teacher and mentor and I'm pleased to know you, delighted that COMFORT is gaining some recognition at ALA and thankful for our friendship.
      Had a few minutes of "book" time today and took it to read one of the books I have been accumulating. I may be going to 2 days a week at the office. I may start having more time to write. Maybe.