Saturday, June 27, 2009


Yesterday we began the day with our grands in the backyard. We hooked the tractor to our wagon and took the kiddos for a ride through the maze trail our son created in the "back forty".

We found wine berries. Yum! They were a hit with everyone.
And blackberries. They all wanted them in their cups but Solomon was probably the only one who actually ate them.
Same with the wild plums.
He also wanted to smell the Butterfly Weed.
We picked Queen Anne's Lace.
And they all helped unload the mulch since I had done half the truckload on Thursday.
Collin is like me. He loves to ride in the back of a pickup truck.
That's Lily. I so love working and playing outdoors with her and her cousins!


  1. What a sweet entry. Love the pics of the grands. Blackberries --- yum, yum. I like your outdoor furniture. Makes me want to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee w/you in your lovely yard.

  2. Jeannie, the coffee is on!

    So hurry!

  3. Now I know why Lily was so dirty when she came home! She still has her cup of berries - won't eat them and won't let me eat them either! ; )

  4. Wendy - Don't you know? The berries are treasues! Gotta hang on to them!

    Come over one morning this week and we'll pick more! They are just reaching their prime.