Thursday, June 4, 2009

THANKFUL THURSDAY: Parents' Choice Chooses Comfort

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Parents' Choice Foundation announced their Book Awards this week. If you follow this link you will see they have recommended COMFORT.

Parents' Choice is obviously working with a very particular set of criteria. For example, in the fiction category they gave two gold seals but no silver or classic. They clearly do not feel obligated to choose a winner in every category! In some ways, this makes their recommendation feel that much more valuable.

Two years ago, BLUE received a Parents' Choice Silver honor. Both BLUE and COMFORT are listed in their fiction category as opposed to Historical Fiction. I don't quite understand that. But, I'm not sure that it matters.

What matters to me, is their lovely review. For the full review go here.

Meanwhile, here is an excerpt.

The themes are big ones -- war, domestic violence, illness -- but Hostetter manages them deftly. While the war is portrayed through the mood and behavior of Ann Fay’s father and its effect on those around him, polio is tackled head-on. It’s a fine historical account of a disease not familiar to today’s young readers. The language and tone of Comfort give it a quick pace and Hostetter nicely balances the weighty subject material with the simple theme of compassion.


  1. Congratulations!!! That's terrific and I'm happy for you.

  2. Sorry, I didn't identify myself. The 7:33 congrats are from me-Ruthie : )

  3. Ruthie - Umble or Voth? at 7:33, I am guessing Umble. ; )

    At any rate - THANK-YOU!

  4. I read the full review. VERY NICE!!! Congrats. That's two special awards. So happy for you, BLUE and COMFORT! It's nice to receive the approval of students AND their parents.