Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TUESDAY 2: Two Primary Resources

I never know, when I start researching a story, just what I'll find. But always, there are lovely surprises.

Like BOOK 1.
And BOOK 2.
Book 1 is supplementary, really. I'm not dealing with the starvation experiment so much as the motivation for those who participated. (Conscientious objection to war)

And Book 2? I didn't plan to write about Sergeant Alvin York. and I wasn't prepared to like him, either.

If you'd told me that one could be a conscientious objector and a sharp shooting war hero all at the same time, I'd have been more than a little cynical.

But having read his story in his own words?
Ah, York demonstrates so well the complexities of the human response to war. And for this, I love him.

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