Saturday, August 29, 2009


While sitting in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton airport I discovered this review of Healing Water at Then I got on the plane and flew to Philadelphia.

Because of the weather, US Airways rearranged flights which was all to the good for me. I got to fly out on an earlier flight both from to Philly and next to Charlotte.

Another big treat is that my fellow author/workshopper Patricia Clark got switched onto my flight to Philly and we ended up being seated right beside each other on the plane. Such a gift to talk about our week and and share writing and publishing stories!

I have an hour layover. Am so excited to be going home. Had a marvelous time in every way. I think I needed this week with writers and with editor, Carolyn Yoder to revive my flagging spirits.

But home and hubby are looking really attractive at this moment.


  1. We're glad to have you home!

  2. How neat that you got to travel with a fellow writer....and got on an earlier flight.