Thursday, August 27, 2009


I found this beautiful little culvert hidden down below the road when I was out walking this week.

Sunday, my first day at this writing retreat was overcast with a warm breeze. I lay on the glider on my cabin's porch, thinking that some rain on the tin room would turn the day into perfection.

It didn't rain, so the day was only 99% perfect. All other factors were in place -writer friends, food (really, really good food), critique with editor, and blissful relaxation.

The weather cleared up on Monday and has been stunning all week!

When the weather is perfect, the food is to-die-for, Dear Editor is giving oh-so-helpful feedback, and the writer is writing, life can feel just about perfect.

In fact, it can feel so good that when bedtime comes, sleep does not. There is so much to be keyed up about!

In spite of semi-sleepless nights, I feel energized.

I felt so supremely happy today. I had a long walk and a neighbor's dog kept me company (a very nice thing when you're on a lonely road hundreds of miles from home). I enjoyed listening to my fellow writers read their stories. I revised my mine and felt as if it was beginning to sing!

And a few moments ago the rain began to fall on my cabin's tin roof.

Perfect! Maybe I'll sleep tonight.

After the water flows into the culvert and under the road it comes out the other side which looks like this! I love this spot. It's about a mile from where we are retreating. And the forest I walk through to get there is pristine.

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  1. So glad you've had a fantastic week away and enjoyed retreating into a writer world!!!

    That last pic is pretty neat!