Thursday, September 10, 2009


To celebrate the launch of her new website, Joyce Moyer Hostetter is giving away books!

A. First way to win free books.

  1. Post the following sentence on your blog or facebook status - Check out Joyce Moyer Hostetter's classy new website at
  2. Comment on Joyce's blog or livejournal to inform her of the link you created.
  3. Particpants' names will go into a "hat" and a winner will be selected on October 4th.
  4. Prize is a signed set of Joyce's 4 books! (Book info is on the website)

B. Second way to win free books.

  1. Visit Joyce Moyer Hostetter's new website and enjoy the design created by Nathan Clement of Stickman Studio.
  2. Visit Nathan's blog and tell him what you like about the design.
  3. Participants' names will go into a "hat" and will be drawn on October 4.
  4. Prize is a signed copy of Nathan's picture book DRIVE and one of Joyce's HEALING WATER.

On October 5, Joyce will announce the winners of both contests on her blog, livejournal, and facebook.

Spread the word! Christmas is just around the corner and this could be as many as 4 gifts all wrapped up!

Well actually, Joyce might let you do the wrapping.


  1. Great idea. AM I the first person to put it up on facebook? Is there a special prize for me???

  2. Oh, I do enjoy some competition and a challenge! Check out my FB status.

  3. Add me to the list!! Happy to spread good news on a dreary day.

  4. I love the new look, very upbeat and easy to read. I took a class this summer on 21st Century Literacies and it focused on all of the literacy in today's society. Keep up the writing, I love your books!

  5. I am friend of Ruthie's. She introduced me to your books. I found them to be deep, meaningful and real, beyond being well written. I am delighted to share the word. And I love the new website.

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  7. Sweet, I hope I get free books!

    ...For my future classroom, of course!

  8. Bowie, can you let me know where you posted the link to my website? Then I'll sign you up!

    Oh, and don't forget to comment on Nathan's blog too!