Monday, September 7, 2009

E-NEWSLETTER: Another Sharp Learning Curve

Carol Baldwin and I holding each other's books.

My latest writing-related venture is to create an e-newsletter with my writer friend and colleague Carol Baldwin. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. But we're learning that between us we can pull off whatever hard thing we decide to do.

And besides, MyNewsletterBuilder provided a webinar. How hard could it be?

The webinar was good. We took notes. We got the gist of it.

But of course, some things can only be learned by trial and error. We've been working on the newsletter off and on since Friday. Mostly on, for me, because I get obsessive about such things and enjoy doing them in my sleep.

But I don't actually love doing the same thing repeatedly if I'm not sure why I lost it the last time. And quite frankly, who knew that clicking on the word "DONE" would send a whole newsletter spinning out into the nether regions?

Started over, then.

By now I am feeling mostly comfy with the newsletter program. This happens when newsletter Tech Support believes Labor Day is for picnics. A writer has to sort things out for herself.

Carol and I are clogging each other's inbox and using up our unlimited cell phone minutes but as a result, the September issue is almost ready to go.

If, we can figure out how to upload hundreds of email addresses before October.

Let me know if you want to be on the list.


  1. Love the picture - so cute of you two and the books!

    Sounds like a lot of hardwork and fun! Always good to have a team mate to learn with.

  2. sounds like you've been busy, girl. Great post!By the way, I don't see where on your blog I can sign up so that I know when your blog comes out. Been meaning to ask you.

  3. Put me on your list please, Ms. Joyce.......Looks like you and Ms. Carol are having fun together. The "buddy system" works for me.