Friday, October 23, 2009

THE SALT BLOCK: So much to do. So little time!

If you drive through my hometown you may drive by the SALT BLOCK. And exactly what does that mean?

Simply this: Science, Arts, & Literature Together on one city block.

It's a city block with:

The only problem with all this goodness in one place is sometimes a body just can't do it all! As on November 5 when I want to be in the art museum for a program on "Trompe L'Oeil - The Art of Illusion" and also at an event co-sponsored by my alma mater and The Hickory Public Library - an evening with Jeannette Walls!

Jeannette wrote The Glass Castle, a memoir which I loved and also Half Broke Horses which I've reserved at the Catawba County Library.

Since I can't do both the art and the literature event, I'll have to make a difficult choice. But then again, maybe it wasn't that hard. From the moment I knew Jeannette was coming, I knew I'd be going to hear her!

You can meet Jeannette and her mom here!


  1. Wow, Joyce, so glad you posted that (and I just put it on my facebook page!). I just reviewed Half Broke Horses- Totally different book from Glass Castle, btw. But seeing that book video helped me visualize Rose Mary. You have a hard choice to make!

  2. Okay, for a minute there I thought I would be going to hear Jeannette Walls without you. But I'm glad the (hard) choice is made.

    Looking forward to it!!!

  3. Amy, I tried sending you a review of Half-Broke horses but it came back. Augusta Scattergood reviewed it for Christian Science Monitor. I'll send you the link instead.

  4. How was the event?
    btw, My review just showed up on the Arizona Daily Sun. (purchased from the Christian Science Monitor- that's what they do, unbeknownst to me till it shows up on my google alert- Very weird feeling).

    Jeannette Walls seems like she'd be an excellent author talk!

  5. I hope you got paid a second time for the review!!

    Jeannette is coming to Hickory next Thursday. Will let you know how we enjoy it.