Saturday, October 17, 2009

TALKING STORY: A Newsletter on Reading and Writing.

The second issue of Talking Story is out!

Co-publisher, Carol Baldwin and I focused on Networking in this issue. In it, we introduce some :
  • Tips for networking effectively
  • Authors we know who network well
  • Ways that classrooms can connect with authors (besides a pricey school visit)
  • Tips for online social networking and link to a helpful class on the subject
  • Some of the librarians who have helped us
  • Jan Broadfoot who helps NC teachers and librarians connect with local authors
  • An opportunity for a teacher to win $ 150.00 worth of educational books
  • A link to a book trailer contest with $ 1,000.00 scholarship prize.

Networking is a constant learning curve. At Talking Story we try to help you round the curve without embarrassing incidents.


  1. Reasons to read your newsletter:

    a) Information - you two provided great insight and motivation for networking. I like that even in a completely different field, most could be applied across the majority of careers.

    b) Relevance - in today's digital, online, and who-do-you-know world networking has become increasingly important.

    c) People love freebies - you directed readers to several opportunities to win something of monetary value.

    d) Sharing - not only did you share keys to success but a couple ways that you've learned the hard way via missed opportunities.

    e) Professionals - you highlighted other people, gave credit where it was due, and essentially "networked" within your newsletter.

    I say GREAT JOB!

  2. Thanks Amy for all the great feedback!

  3. Now, this is some post! I hadn't thought about posting a whole blog about the newsletter. Mind if I just link to yours?

  4. Carol, Of course you may link!

  5. Joyce, I haven't been to your blog in a while. I like the new look and am really enjoying the newsletter you and Carol set up. I am looking forward to when the teacher I'm working with in Utah starts using Carol's book (hopefully soon). I think he's going to use the mini lessons more spread out - several classes though, since they don't meet a full 45 or 50 minutes per class time. I will keep ya'll posted on the development of using the book. Thanks for a very informative newsletter - E :)

  6. Thanks, Elysabeth! I can have the newsletter sent to your inbox if you like.

  7. Thanks - I'm already a subscriber. I really had forgotten about checking out your blog but I've gotten away from blogging on a regular basis like I used to - just have to do other things - I really like the look of your blog now - E ;)

  8. Hi Elysabeth, Carol must have picked up your email at a teacher conference. I didn't realize you were on the list.

    Thanks for the compliment on the new look. I had my website redesigned and separate designer created this blog header to coordinate with my website. I like the change too.

  9. Hey Joyce, me again - lol. I was looking around your site and realized you don't have anyway to follow you nor do you have a way to sign up for email notifications. I'd love to follow your blog and get notifications in the email when you update things. Also, I see you have an interesting sounding book available - Best Friends Forever - was wondering if I could get a copy from you signed? Let me know if you take paypal and I'll get that to you when you say the word. My email is eeldering (at) gmail (dot) com in case you want to contact me off your blog - E :)

    PS - I follow Carol's blog and get the email notifications and had met her at the workshop in Greenville, SC back in August because I was interested in her book since I work with a class in Utah via virtual visits - E :)

  10. Hi Elysabeth, Thanks for your interest. Guess I need to add a follow gadget.

    Hmmmm...I'll see what I can do!

    I'm afraid I don't take paypal. How do you feel about sending a check. I sell BFF for 6.00

    YOu can email me at moyergirl at charter dot net if you want to discuss this further.