Friday, January 22, 2010

Last year, Randy Seldomridge, Language Arts teacher at Granite Falls Middle School contacted me about doing a school visit. Before my visit, the students read Blue, worked across the curriculum on Blue related projects, corresponded with me, and enjoyed a visit from Heather Deckelnick who coordinated our local Miracle of Hickory exhibit.

This year Team Tsunami is again reading Blue but now they've added Comfort to their reading list.

The incredible teachers of Team Tsunami wanted to take the whole 7th grade to Warm Springs, GA where a chunk of Comfort takes place. But they're doing the next best thing - packing up their families and heading to Warm Springs with video camera in hand. They leave today and are blogging about their research trip here. I for one, will be following their updates and look forward to seeing the movies they take for their students.

They did invite me to go and I would so love to be tagging along but my bags are actually packed for a visit to Gravelly Hill Middle School which I also visited last year. So you see, history does repeat itself.

And sometimes that's a good thing!


  1. Wow!!! You inspired a "field trip" to Warm Springs......I enjoyed checking out their blog site about the trip.....too bad you couldn't go along...What a neat thing the Tsunami Team did for themselves and their students.....I am so proud of you sis....