Wednesday, January 20, 2010


A year ago today I took this picture of my TV screen.

Barack Obama speaking at the inaugural luncheon in Statuary Hall .

History is being made everyday, of course. So it's fun to occasionally pick a day, put on the backward focusing binoculars, and see what happened way back when.

Thank goodness there is a handy dandy website which gives us historical movie footage.

The History Channel: This day in History - January 20

Turns out, January 20 is a big day for more reasons than what happened one year ago.

1. 1887 - Pearl Harbor was leased by the US as a naval base.
2. 1937 - FDR was inauguarated for the 2nd time. (Jan 20 has been inauguration day ever since.)
3. 1981 - 52 hostages held by Iran were released as Jimmy Carter left the presidency.
4. 1986 - The first national Martin Luther King Jr. Day was celebrated!

History is being made right now.

Wonder what we'll do about it...

What will history say about us?


  1. good point. Also, never thought of taking pictures of a tv screen. what will you think of next? See (scroll down to january 18) for one tangible way to help the Haitians. AM doing it this afternoon with my mother.

  2. Hmmm... today I quoted some products for Haiti Relief.

  3. I am stunned at the amount of money raised for relief. Over 300 million in one week!

    Glad someone is sending cable down there. Glad you are a part of it.

  4. Carol, I haven't checked out this site yet but thanks for telling me.