Friday, February 19, 2010


(l. to r.) Me, Shirley Cunningham

Mrs. Cunningham was my language arts teacher in both 7th & 8th grade. She was one of those teachers who forced you to rise to a challenge. She taught innovatively. She graded strictly. And if you needed discipline, she did not shy away from it.

Mrs. Cunningham was not for messing around with.

But I've always loved this sort of teacher. And I especially love Mrs. Cunningham. After all, she told me I would be writer someday.

And now I am.

Today I will meet with her to get feedback on my work-in-progress. She's already warned me to wear my suit of armor.

I'm not really afraid of her. (not much, anyway) I learned a long time ago that a tough critic is a good thing! But I do so want to please Mrs. Cunningham. Back in middle grades I lived for her big red A at the top of my book reports. Because of her affirmation, I couldn't wait to do written assignments.

Something tells me she won't be using a red pen this time. But I do expect lots of constructive feedback. Mrs. Cunningham has read each of my other books after they were published but this will be the first in manuscript form. I hope it's not the last.

I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Dear Ms. Hostetter,
    We would love to enter your DVD contest for Voyager Academy.
    We also wonder what teachers we'll remember after we grow up.
    Your friends,
    Caroline, Darith, Courtney, Jake, and Alexis from Voyager Academy
    (Mrs. Murray's Book Club)

  2. Caroline, Darith, Courtney, Jake, and Alexis - I entered you in the contest!

  3. She doesn't look any scarier than my 10th grade English teacher, Mrs. Hirons, the ones kids didn't take because they were afraid she WOULDN'T give them A's. Boy, did I learn struture from her. And discipline--okay, yes, once or twice into the hall for talking too much! But I learned how to write AND outline. SO cool that she's going to read your work. I'm betting she DOES bring a red pen. :)

  4. We all have a few unforgettable teachers. I love that Mrs. C was unforgettable for all the right reasons and I hope I didn't make her actually sound scary. Because she wasn't really.

    Glad you had Mrs. Hirons!

  5. I love this type of teacher, too! Sounds like I could STILL use a teacher like your fabulous Miss Cunningham! :)

  6. Donna, she really is amazing!

    I hope your conference is awesome too!

  7. How did it go? You said you would let us know!