Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This week I get to spend two whole days in nearby Caldwell County. I'll be speaking to 4th graders about BLUE and the 1944 polio epidemic. Here are a few pics of my Caldwell experience last spring.
I do have fabulous pictures of some of the students I spoke to but I don't have permission to post all those kids on the web so I will let this lovely sculpture from the county office represent the 4th graders. 

I got to hang out with Media Specialists and school board members over lunch.

At Baton Elementary, Linda Andrews went all out with a polio and BLUE related display.

After school, 2 media specialists, Annamarie Stuckey and Susan McFarland took me on an outing.
It was just my sort of adventure -
    winding country roads which led to a historical spot.
Now the site belongs to a riding club. But...

 Before economics forced a change, it was the site of 4-H Camp

 The land was donated by a Caldwell County school principal, Luther Robinson,  whose daughters got polio during the 1953 epidemic in Caldwell County. He wrote his heartbreaking but inspiring story in We Made Peace With Polio.

Many others in Caldwell County were affected by polio that year. So my visit is not just about BLUE and the 1944 epidemic. It's about the history of the students and their families. It's an honor to explore history with students in Caldwell County and I'm grateful to the Educational Foundation for sponsoring my visit!


  1. Wow--look at that display--that's incredible.Have a great time this year.

  2. I agree with Becky, the display is amazing. That must have been incredible to see. (I would have cried) This blog was a great reminder about how powerful BLUE is, and a great tribute to the stories and history of Caldwell County. Have a wonderful time!

  3. Thank, Becky and Carol - I did have an even more amazing time this year.