Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanks to Alex Baugh, I just discovered The Weekly Geeks, a blog site which suggests a community blogging idea each week.  I'm signing up because - for one thing, I sometimes need blogging suggestions and for another, this week's suggestion was Antique Books.
The thing is I love old books. Nearly any old book will do. But a brightly colored one with silhouettes embossed on the cover?
They do things to my heart that make my cardiologist nervous. (or would if I had a cardiologist)

Naturally, I keep some old books on shelves.

But I can't hide those beautiful covers so I use plate racks for displays.

I mostly pick up old books at used book stores and flea markets. I've inherited some too but that copy of Heidi was given to me by a media specialist at a school in VA.  So sweet!

Baskets are another way to show off more than just the spines of books.

I'm especially fond of this one.

My favorite used bookstore is going out of business. I'm not happy about this but at least there will be some serious sales as they wind down.

I suppose this means I'll have to buy a few more plate racks!

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