Tuesday, November 23, 2010


November 23, 1936 the first issue of LIFE magazine was published. (Note that the price was 10 cents)  The founder, Henry Luce wanted to provide Americans with a venue that would show them the world - so that they would see and be amazed.

And we were amazed! LIFE captured very personal images (and public ones) and shared them with people who were thousands of miles away.

In 1944, LIFE sent photographer, Alfred Eisenstaedt to Hickory, NC to take pictures of our polio epidemic.

In a local antique store, I found the issue of LIFE that featured the Miracle of Hickory polio hospital and then I ordered another from ebay so I could make this display.

Obviously you can't see the images well on this pic so view those photos here. Be sure to click on each image to get a larger view. There really are some amazing photos which reveal the nature of the emergency hospital.


  1. I want Blue in paperback.
    I borrowed it from the library and was working on my blog post about Blue when I saw yours on the Life magazine article about polio in Hickory. I had gone to the library to look at the Life article after I read Blue. I like Blue so much and you had done such a great job on it, I went back to the library for Comfort.

  2. Alex, I entered you in the Blue paperback contest. Thanks for participating!

    Let me know when and where the Blue blogpost is up (THANKS for blogging it!)

    I haven't been able to find your blog.

  3. I will definitely let you know when I post about Blue. It should be soon.
    Thanks for entering me in the paperback contest.
    My blog is http://thechildrenswar.blogspot.com
    I fixed the link (I hope)
    Happy Thanksgiving!