Saturday, December 4, 2010


This post is for everyone of course, but especially for local historian, Jennifer Marquardt-Leach because she loves costumes and sewing. 
Jennifer (left) at Hart Square not so far from my home.

 Jennifer I thought of you when I spoke at the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools a few weeks ago.After our presentation, Carol Baldwin and I spent some time in the exhibit area

where I met Bettina

I was taken by her gregarious personality.
And also by her Renaissance era clothing which she makes herself.

And that includes hand-sewing each little bead!

And in the spirit of the Renassaince era which is generally defined as being from 1450 - 1600 I give you my favorite YA books from the period!

and these masterpieces by Katherine Sturtevant. Katherine's website is a great place to learn more about clothing of the era.

And Eras of Elegance is too!


  1. Wow! That costume is something. This post makes me think of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. If you haven't read it, you should.

  2. Ah, yes - did read the Charlotte Doyle a long time ago. Amazing!

  3. Thanks for thinking of me! It's rare that adults get to dress in costume with out people thinking "strange" things about them.

    I like costuming and making other clothes because it gives me an appreciation for how others used to dress, how lucky we are today to have a sewing machine. Not to mention I feel all warm and fuzzy when something turns out the way it's supposed to (if not better).

  4. An Jennifer - you're so good at making them. I was enjoying your pics on Facebook this week.

    I don't love to sew or do detail work at all but I love it that other people do.

    I do remember taking home ec in high school and learning to sew. I made quite a few of my own clothes at one point but I'm over that now!

    I tend to feel a little shy about wearing costumes. But you really do have the perfect job for you, don't you!

  5. Thanks, Carol! Isn't that an awesome costume?