Monday, December 6, 2010

BLUE MONDAY: In Which I Discover Alex and Deborah - book bloggers extraordinaire!

First I meet Alex via comments at my blog.  I start exploring Alex's blog and it's love at first sight.  Clearly this is a blogger who cares about kids and the effects that war has had on them. The Children's War deals directly with books about children during WWII.

Before I've even caught up on reading The Children's War, I discover Alex has blogged about BLUE.   Finding a lovely review on a book blog is always a day maker!

Finding blog comments that lead me to another book blog is just icing on the BLUE Monday cake! Deborah has several blogs (prolific woman!).  At A Bookish Libraria: The Dame Reviews she blogged extensively about polio and her mother's experience with it in the very epidemic that is at the heart of BLUE. I'm most eager to learn more about Deborah's mom's story.


  1. Dear Joyce,
    I was so amazed and delighted to find you had visited my blog and read my entry about my mother and polio which was spawned by your book and Alex's review!! I love this serendippitous connection we now have!
    I'm also dying to read "Blue," and hope you will favor me with a signed copy, please, please!!
    I promise to get mom and you together by phone just as soon as I can. We need to email, first, of course. I can't wait to talk to you and mom and put all of this together.
    It's also another plus to hear that Crystal is from Lenoir (my father's and my hometown..)and may have some family who were part of that Epidemic.
    This may call for another book...


  2. Sorry. Email is:

    interiorsbydeb2@aol dot com


  3. Dear Joyce,
    Please take a hop over to my blog. Mom called me today and I was able to interview her directly about Hickory and her experiences!
    You and I have to talk!!