Thursday, December 9, 2010

Weekly Geeks: 2011 Reading Challenges

Recently I joined the Weekly Geeks which means that I post on a particular theme.

This week's theme is to post our reading challenges and goals.

I signed on to the YA Historical Fiction Challenge about 3 posts prior to this one so I won't elaborate on that again.  And quite honestly - between that and my research, I think I'll refrain from joining any more challlenges. 

However, my big reading goal besides 15 historical novels is to read everything I can get my hands on regarding Germany.  My recently "completed" work in progress spawned this idea to do a German story that covers multiple time periods. I'm not going to say much about that yet except to say that I need to learn decades of German history and social dynamics.

On top of that I'm working at learning to speak Deutsch which, so far, is not rolling off my tongue!

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