Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Rosi Hollinbeck won SEEING RED by 
Kathy Erskine! 

I met Rosi a few years ago at a Highlights writer's retreat with Editor, Carolyn Yoder. At the time she was writing a fascinating story about Queen Elizabeth which eventually published in March 2013 issue of Highlights Magazine (cover feature even!) 

During our brief meeting I learned she can do an awesome Carolyn Yoder editorial voice! (Carolyn groupies will appreciate this.)

Since then, I observed her work at THE WRITE STUFF blog on which she consistently offers great book reviews and giveaways. Which leads me to wonder when she has time to write her own historical fiction, poetry, and picture book projects.  If you follow her link you'll see that she has 2 reviews and a giveaway over there right now. 

And not only that, she plans to read and review SEEING RED and then give it away. So if you're a little bit jealous of Rosi for winning, you've got yet another chance.

Rosi's blog is for following, folks! Go sign up.  Thanks to you, Rosi,for joining this giveaway and for being such a generous member of the writing community.


  1. Awww, thanks, Joyce. (Blushing here!)

    1. Rosi, although our meeting was brief I am impressed with what a great human being you are. And you do write terrific book reviews too. I find it hard to write book reviews so I'm amazed at how quickly your read an review a book.

  2. Congratulations, Rosi. Very generous of you to pass it along again too.