Monday, January 6, 2014

WRITER HEAVEN: A Highlights Workshop. Or Unworkshop

I hope you've been lucky enough to have attended a Highlights workshop.  I've been to quite a few and turn green around the edges every time I hear that someone I know is attending one and I'm not.
The Barn is the scene of all sorts of writing camaraderie, scrumptious food, and hands-on manuscript help.  I know.  I've been there and I always want to go back!

I need this one-Writing For Boys - February 6 - 9 for my work-in-progress!  Follow the link for complete info.  Meanwhile here's a workshop description

Rich Wallace, Lenore Look, and Chris Crutcher will help you delve deeply into your characters’ psyches, exploring their motivations, frustrations, and personalities to truly bring them to life on the page. Weaving action and humor into your stories will be a focal point of the program, which will explore the intricacies of creating fiction for boys.
The workshop will include:

  • In-depth discussion of your work-in-progress;
  • Writing exercises designed to heighten the emotions and revelations of specific scenes;
  • Lectures on topics ranging from creating realistic dialogue to sharpening your plot.
Go ahead and sign up.  Make me jealous.  I can handle it!

And if you can't go to that one, maybe I'll bump into you at an Unworkshop - where for $ 99 a day you can write, eat well, and connect with other writers who happen to be doing the same thing.  Sounds like heaven on earth to me!
I call dibs on the cabin with the glider on the porch!


  1. I wish I could go to that one as well! Yikes, they have great workshops. There are two workshops this year that absolutely make me drool, but coming from California makes it just that much more difficult to afford the time and money. I hope we both manage to get there this year.

    1. Rosi, at the same time would be nice! And yes, on CA - can't imagine! Do you get to some good events out there?

      Which other workshop are you drooling over?

  2. As the crow flies along the backroads, I'm practically a neighbor. Give me a holler when you're here, and I'll swoop over.

  3. I've never been, but it sounds lovely.

  4. Oh it is, Marcia. I'd love to be at the same event with you sometime. Maybe at an unworkshop? We should just plan this huge unworkshop with blogger friends.

  5. Just returned from an UNworkshop, Joyce. Amazing.
    My 3rd time at Highlights but I'll go back for this again. Maybe every year.
    But shoot, I didn't see a porch with a glider on it. (I was in Cabin #19.) I would have been all over that glider if it still exists.

    1. Augusta, I'm glad it was so awesome for you! I've never done the unworkshop. Will address the glider question on FB.