Monday, April 20, 2009

BLUE MONDAY: A Reader is Born!

Scene from Blue, created by a student at H.H. Poole Middle School, Stafford, VA. (Immogene & Ann Fay sneak out of hospital to meet each other.)

I'll be speaking to Rugby Middle School students next week. Today, I received an email with the following paragraph from Karen Maxon, the media specialist there.

The first 2 conversations I had this morning (the first day after spring break) were about how amazing Blue is! One teacher stopped me on the way in to the building and then a student came into the media center to tell me how she could not put it down.

Her exact words were "I usually hate reading." Her testimony for the book was so awesome, I asked her to share it over the PA this morning. She did a great job!

Wow! If that doesn't make an author's day, nothing will.

And on top of that I had a terrific visit with 8th graders at Grandview Middle School this morning. But I will save that report for another day!


  1. I love Blue! The author came to my school today! I want to read Comfort! Where can I get it???

  2. That is so fabulous! Look at your fans...everywhere!