Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TUESDAY 2: Two Touching Things

I learn the most endearing things at school visits.

1. Like today, a girl quietly handed me a note while I was talking to another student and then she slipped away. I opened it and read:

Thank you very much for writing this book. It means alot to me. And it inspired me to help people in need so I brought my piggy bank to school to start the March of Dimes again.

Wow! That touches me so deeply. And this is the month for the annual March of Dimes campaign. If you get a change to contribute, please do. MoD started out as an organization to raise funds for polio treatment and research but now it helps babies with birth defects. Such a worthy cause!

2. Ms. Miles, a teacher at the school, told me about a student whose grandmother died while the class was reading this book. The students were in the process of creating bottles that represented their life and their pain (based on chapter 19 of BLUE. Somehow the story of the bottle that holds our tears reached the minister who looked up the passage and used it as his text in the grandmother's funeral.

Put thou my tears into thy bottle. Psalm 56:8

I got some other really neat testimonials from the students. But this is Tuesday so I'm limiting myself to 2 items!


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  2. Ahhhhhh!!! that is so sweet. Students are so insightful and real. Both of these stories touch my heart and make me smile.

    I have thought about the "tears in the bottle" verse a lot in the past weeks with the passing of my friend after a 4 yr. battle with cancer. The cancer won but death did not. She is in a much better place. I wonder if she's seen "her bottle" yet that he's been holding in heaven??