Thursday, April 23, 2009


MONDAY: Grandview Middle School in Hickory. The 8th graders were such good listeners as we talked about polio in our hometown.
I fell in love with this ceramic quilt in the entrance. It was made by Grandview students with the help of their art instructor.
Lots of wisdom and fun stuff here.
I had fun listening to Principal, Dr. Vanessa Howerton and Media Specialist, Bonnie Schultze discuss the purchase of COMFORT for their classrooms.

They told me a moving story about a teacher who turned the kids on to BLUE this year. She was apparently a great teacher and quite a proponent of children's literature. But she passed away one month ago on March 23. I am indebted to her. I pray her family is healing.

TUESDAY: I enjoyed a beautiful drive over back roads to Flat Rock Middle School where Media Specialist, Jennifer Northrup met me at the car with 3 students and a cart to help me take things in.

The 6th graders had been thoroughly immersed in BLUE. When I met them at the library door, each student handed me a handmade yellow rose in honor of Ann Fay and Immogene's friendship. And see the bottles on the top library shelf? They each made one of them too - to show what kind of bottle God would store their tears in.
There were over 100 yellow roses in all! So fun!
WEDNESDAY: I visited Hardin Park Elementary School. I left my house in sandals and when I arrived in Boone there was fresh snow on the ground! Not lots of it, but still...
There was a warm welcome inside.
Candice Trexler, the media specialist is responsible for bringing so much warmth to this large wonderful library space.
Candice and her assistant, Amy had a surprise for me. I decided to let my grandchildren open it when I got home.

Cookies! Tea, a Hardin Park School mug, and other goodies!

4 year-old Collin kissed every item in the bag. And the cookies? Well, they are just gone!

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  1. this was a fantastic post. Loved the ceramic quilt, 100 roses and the bottles. Those are terrific. You are doing a great job of sharing your life with your audience. I think this is photojournalism-- or a picture book- or something like that. But the pictures go well with the text.
    I am finally getting the cut and paste thing down. Helps to do it in draft mode. thanks for the tips.