Sunday, April 26, 2009


Stuff # 1. I've been critiquing a friend's manuscript. It's a good one - an exciting historical novel - but there's plenty of room for improvement.

But do you know what I'm mostly seeing?

Mostly I'm seeing how to improve my own historical novel. There's something about looking closely at someone else's work that gets the wheels rolling in regards to my own.

Stuff # 2. I am giving away a copy of COMFORT. The contest involves the March of Dimes. And a donation. Yesterday, I posted the annnouncement along with a bit of M of D history. Today, I'll reiterate here.


1. Contribute to the March of Dimes (suggested donation - 10.00).
2. Leave me a comment, telling me that you contributed. (I don't need to know the amount, but feel free to share stories.)
3. Link to this post or copy the contents into your blog. (If you don't blog, send out emails with this blog address.)

How you can contribute to the March of Dimes:
a. Join a Walk for Dimes event.
b. Sponsor someone who is particpating in a Walk for Dimes.
c. Drop money into a jar at your local bank.
d. Buy a few of those March of Dimes stuffed animal babies offered at your bank.
e. Click here to donate online.

I'm going to give this contest 2 weeks. On May 9, I'll pull a name out of my comment reservoir and announce a winner. I hope your name is on the list!

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  1. Joyce, I'm about to write a post about this on my blog:

    (and btw, thx for your comment about letter writing. My friend Patty and I were roommates at Chapel Hill a while back, as we say, but we've stayed in touch, first by those letters and now by email. It's kind of not the same, is it?)
    I love BLUE- Carolyn Yoder recommended I read it since she knew of my interest in kids' books and the South. You don't have to enter me in the drawing tho- Let somebody else have a chance at the new book because I'll read it on my own- it sounds terrific. And the March of Dimes is a great charity I always support. Augusta
    (whew- too long!)