Sunday, August 23, 2009

THE DEFINITION OF HARD WORK (Carolyn Yoder's Alumni Retreat)

This is me on the padded glider on the porch of my very own rustic cabin at the Carolyn Yoder Alumni Writing Retreat.

There are ten other writers here and I think some of them are actually writing! But the weather is perfect for sleeping and I worked hard to get here so I'm having a day for eating and sleeping and catching up with friends.

However, lest I get too comfy, I'm scheduled for a one-on-one critique with Carolyn very soon. And I've already seen her feedback on the pages I submitted earlier. So don't go thinking that I'm going to be chillin' all week while the world keeps turning elsewhere.

Today is just getting me rested for the hard work ahead.

By the way - This is a Highlights Founder's Workshop. They always hold delightful surprises. The highlight for me this time? Meeting Carolyn's mom. Very cool lady!


  1. Rustic cabin, eating, sleeping, and friends. Sounds like a good prep day for that hard work that's just ahead. Best of luck to you this week. Enjoy!

  2. Looks like one delightful place to be..I could see me chillin' there. Hope your critique session with Ms. Carolyn is full of affirmation and inspiration to make your book the best it can be.....ENJOY the rest of this special week.

  3. Looks like it could be the front porch of my cabin when I was there, except I don't paint my toes. Eat some good vittles for me!

  4. Can't wait to hear more! Enjoy your stay. (Looks like you got one of the nicest cabins.)