Thursday, November 26, 2009

THANKSGIVING 101 (For the good things that I've got!)

Following in the tradition of my friend, Amy, I want to offer a non-traditional thanks.

Today I'm grateful for:
  • my 70's era crockpot (because I seldom use it anyway so never mind that it isn't uber cool and doesn't conveniently separate for cleaning.)
  • my hardwood floors that need refinishing (because they're not damp dirt floors and there are no holes in them!)
  • the roof that needs to be replaced soon. (because it's not a tent in a refugee camp)
  • for occasional backpain (because it reminds me to exercise and because in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing, really!)
  • for midlist books (because although I don't have millions of readers, I have many who tell me how deeply touched they are by Ann Fay Honeycutt's story) (sequel too!)
  • for a smaller royalty check than last time (because four years ago I was still dreaming of publication!)
  • fewer speaking engagements (because although I miss the connections and the income, I have more time with my family!)
  • for 1/3 of my family gathering today (because the rest are celebrating with their families in other places and anyway 100 plus people is a lot to fix turkey for!)
  • that I'm only responsible for broccoli salad and other trivia (because when you're number 6 out of 8 siblings you don't have to be the leader if you don't want to! Thanks Kathleen, my first-born sibling for taking charge and cooking two turkeys!)
And of course, I am thankful for the usual yada, yada. But I don't want to sound trite - so trust me, I'm overwhelmed with God's goodness in my life even when I complain about things that really don't matter.


  1. I LOVE side dish management! Happy Thanksgiving, Joyce. :)

  2. Did you come and get our crockpot for the first picture? : )
    Thanks for sharing your thanks. My list is also long!

  3. Ruthie, you're the second person to tell me they have the same one. Guess I am not alone in owning dated crockery!

    Bet you use yours more than I do!

    Hope you and Rick had a delightful Thanksgiving. WE are fortunate to have long lists. I could have gone on and on but who would want to read it all?

  4. enjoyed your thanksgiving thanks. as typical, you come through with a great perspective on our blessings. carol

  5. Awww, great list and way to see life at least half full!!! Love ya.

  6. Btw, I have a newer crockpot that comes apart for cleaning but doesn't always work. Another reason to keep your 70's one!