Wednesday, December 2, 2009

BEST OF 2009 BLOG CHALLENGE: Best Trip (to writer heaven)

The best little padded glider on the porch of the best little rustic cabin in writer heaven.

I have lots of ideas for blogposts right now. If only I'd write them! To complicate matters, I just discovered The Best of 2009 Blog Challenge.

So to get back into the blogging groove, I accept the challenge. Here goes.

The best for Dec. 1 = Best Trip.

Oooh, I have no idea what I'm going to say next. I traveled a lot in 2009. I went to the beach with family. I had some exhilarating research trips. I made lots of school visits, and spent wonderful days in Alamance County, NC. It's impossible to rate one trip above another.

But I'll do it anyway!

In August I spent a week at a Founder's Home Workshop with Editor, Carolyn Yoder and 10 other writers. I lived in a rustic cabin by myself where I could make my very own robust cup of java each morning before heading down to the house for a fantab breakfast.

From there the day typically moved into:
  • a long walk on a winding road through a pristine forest
  • writing on my work-in-progress
  • one-on-one critique with Carolyn
  • revising my work in progress
  • delicious nap on my padded glider
  • to-die-for hors doeuvres and gourmet dinner with the gang
  • group readings and feedback sessions
  • laughter, struggle, fear, hope, celebration
To top it off we had the opportunity to indulge in a massage, meet Carolyn's mom, and hear from Norman Finkelstein who used to be 6 feet tall before working with Carolyn Yoder. (I should write a blogpost on my best quote of 2009!)

Suffice it to say, I spent a week in Writers Heaven On Earth. And I'm happy to report that Ms. Muse is alive and well at the Highlights Foundation Workshops. If you're a writer who hasn't yet indulged, I urge you to find a way to do so.

If you do, then next December, come time to celebrate the best trip of the year, you will have something to blog about even though it was impossible to choose just one!

A few pics from my "Best Trip of 2009"
Norman Finkelstein who published Three Across with Carolyn Yoder and a whole lot of other non-fiction titles with a whole lot of other publishers.

Our retreat group - minus our Carolyn.

Oh, there she is! Hiding behind Captain Mac, whose story will be in Calkins Creek spring catalog. Author Mary Morton Cowan is in the pink on the couch in group picture. Want to know about forests and lumbering? Ask Mary who also wrote Timberrrrr!: A History of Logging in New England.
Not a New England forest. This is my walking trail from my best trip of 2009.


  1. Great post Joyce! Glad to see you accepted the challenge. "Best" is often hard for me to decide so I might do some "bests" posts. Look forward to reading yours!

  2. cool blog. love the pictures. you're so creative. you inspire me!