Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Best of 2009 Blog Challenge: Restaurant Moment

My best restaurant moment of 2009 isn't a restaurant moment at all. But rather a dining out experience in honor of my sister Joanne's birthday.

It took place on the property where I grew up. Until recently we couldn't visit because someone else lived there. But then the house burned and the landlord removed the outbuildings. What's left is a pond, a creek, woods, and weeds.
Fortunately Joanne's best childhood friend, Ellen still lives next door and looks out for the place so now we can visit any time.

On this day our brother Ken sent Joanne on a scavenger hunt. Then we headed down to the creek area for a picnic lunch. We knew that our brother, Vernon was providing lunch. I think we expected a picnic blanket and sandwiches.
What we found was this tent.
And this table set for Joanne, her sisters, our mom, sisters-in-law, and Ellen.
Vernon paid attention to the details!
We were more than astonished!
And thoroughly delighted.
He even had music playing under the serving table.
The food rivaled that of a Highlights Foundation workshop meal.
The brothers provided towels for wading in the creek.
So we took off our shoes and went in. We had an incredible time and to round things out, our daddy and our hubbies joined us after lunch for exploring in the woods of my childhood.
Of course you can't really go home again but this was a lovely attempt.


  1. Wow, I heard about this but the pictures totally gave me a new image of this "picnic." Sounds like the stuff good times are made of.

  2. Hopped over here from Amy Lizzy's place. Enjoyed reading about your favorite "restuarant" moment! Sounds like a lot of fun and enjoyment! My siblings and I enjoy visiting our childhoon creek and wooded area when we visit home during the warmer seasons. Someone else lives in our old house, but we go over to the neighbor's house and still enjoy our childhood memories that way. Such warm thoughts your outing has brought for me. Great post!

  3. This truly was a wonderful event....and lots of love and care went into it's preparation. The pics are great!!!!!!!!