Thursday, April 4, 2013


A few years ago, I blogged about Living Statues in Liepzig, Germany and Boston, MA. Then, this morning I received a comment on that post from an actor telling me he does a similar performance here in North Carolina. So I checked him out on Facebook and also at his website

Wowsie!  He's good.

I'm especially intrigued with his silver drummer girl personna.

But over at his Facebook page I see Sir Walter Raleigh too.

I LIKED him on Facebook so I expect to discover more of his faces.  Mostly, though, I'd LIKE to bump into him on a North Carolina street one day.

History, in your face!


  1. I don;t know how people can do that -- be so still for so long between snippets of performing. And the silver makeup can't feel good. That's an amazing way to make a living.

  2. I know, Rosi.I know. I just wanted people to put money in and give him some relief! This looks like a quiet spot. But I saw another of him in which he was drumming constantly. So much depends on location and traffic!

    I respect this kind of unrelenting work! He does parties by the way. In case you want him to help celebrate a book launch or something. Isn't that a grand idea? Might have to keep that in mind...

  3. I kept waiting for the man on the bench to react to the performance. WHen he looked up, he didn't at all seem impressed and then went back to reading. I was glad when a kid came up to him--I kept waiting for that too! Thanks for posting this Joyce--never know what will be on your blog!

  4. Carol, I suspect the man on the bench had seen it and was over the surprise. Or maybe he came with the drummer girl!

  5. I've never seen anything like that but I bet it would be really interesting to experience. I could never be a living statue, I would start to get itchy immediately, in fact watching this great video made me itchy. But imagine the self-control living statues must have. He is indeed incredible.

  6. Yes, Alex,I know. Makes you want to scratch. Or give him some money!